Sunday, 5 February 2012

The work I have posted is just a selection of what I have done over the last year but I wanted to be able to show you a variety of techniques I have used and what I am capable of. 'Textiles in Practice' is a course that will allow me to continue to do that. I am very passionate about learning all I can about textiles and manufacturing as well as designing and decorative techniques that will hopefully give me the knowledge and experience to have a great career in the future doing what I love.
Here is a dress I made for myself. The pattern is originally Vogue but I altered the pattern to suit my height and shape. I also added a longer length at the back of the dress to create a train effect. The belt is separate from the dress and I embroidered it myself.
Here is a dress I created in my spare time. It was my own take on 'The Little Black Dress'. I decided to create an 'LBD' with a twist using decorative and different fabric such as satin and net.
Here are pages from my sketch book showing design ideas of how I intend to use paper for my project and my visual inspiration. I have also annotated and created rough sketches on each page.
Here is a dress I created for one of my projects using only paper. I created this using book pages and used staples, glue and sellotape to hold the dress together.
These are pages from my sketch book of a hat project including design ideas using stick and ink and designers that have inspired me. These pages show a mixture of materials tested and annoatation to explain what I have done.
Here is a hat I have created using recycled materials with pages from my sketch book about the project. The pages in my book are design ideas of my final piece. 
Here are a selection of 'print' images. Each print design was created using mono and stencil printing methods. 
Here are two pages in my sketch book that show continuous line drawings, interpreted into stitch using a mixture of materials, hand and machine stitching .
Here are 3 A1 life drawings I have created using graphite stick. Each image is a particular type of line drawing and took me 15 minutes to create.
These are mono print experiments on paper and material including designers that have inspired me for an architecture project.
Here is an A1 drawing I created using stick and ink. I then worked into the image using a sponge and water to create a wash effect.